Tuesday, November 11, 2014

OEA November 2014 Bargaining Update


On Thursday November 6th, 2014 the OEA and OUSD bargaining teams met. As promised, the OUSD team presented OEA with a comprehensive proposal intended to move parties closer to settlement. The OUSD team shared that they reflected what they heard as important to OEA members, assertively addressed what is important to the district, and considered the overall context of fiscal responsibility when creating these proposals.

Your OEA bargaining team acknowledges that these proposals represent significant movement on the part of the district. The organizing and mobilizing efforts of OEA members has been and will continue to be critical in impacting what is happening at the table. While seeing movement in compensation, movement away from extending the workday without a reflection in compensation, and a commitment to lower class sizes is encouraging, not addressing caseloads/class sizes in Programs for Exceptional Children nor counselor ratios ignores our attempt for more equitable conditions for students and members. The district's proposals regarding Assignment/Transfer/Vacancy/Consolidation Policy and school site flexibility foreshadows an on-going struggle over agreement on what is most impactful: supports and resources or perpetuating the "bad teacher" narrative.

Please follow the link below to read a summary of the district's most recent proposals.