Sunday, August 17, 2014

Your OEA Reps in Denver June 30 - July 6 2014

National Education Association Representative Assembly

June 30-July 6 2014

Atlanta, Georgia

Running for national offices, leading on key issues, speaking for Oakland: Your OEA Reps in Denver

Proud to be part of the largest democratically elected deliberative body in the world!

Back Row: Steve Miyamoto, Jim Mordecai, Keith Brown, Kei Swensen, Linda Grayson, Janet Lau, Anne Arbogast, Rodney Brown, Bill Balderston, Tania Kappner

Front Row: Mark Airgood, Jawwei Wang, Mary Prophet, Manny Lopez,Trish Gorham, Betty Olson-Jones

State Increases STRS Employee Contribution

State Increases STRS Employee Contribution

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Two of our OEA Teachers need your help!

Members Supporting Members

The OEA is often contacted by members with requests outside of the union's ability to meet. Requests from your fellow members will be posted with the hope that, individually or collectively, assistance can be given.

Two of our OEA Teachers need your help!

Substitute teacher, after months of rehabilitation from spinal cord injury, needs donations to begin again. Please read  Derrick's gofundmeaccount.

One of our members is looking for a place to rent beginning September 1. The house they were renting is being suddenly sold. They are  looking for an apartment, small house or loft. A guest bedroom or cabin would be much appreciated. They are quiet and responsible. Please check your august 12, 21014 OEA constant contact email for specific contact information.