Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enroll Now! Disability Insurance No Check for Pre-existing Conditions!

Enroll Now! Disability InsuranceNo Check for Pre-existing Conditions!


How would you pay your bills if you were unable to work due to a disability?

CTA approved provider, The Standard, is conducting a campaign to sign up 220 OEA members before the end of the year.

This is excellent coverage at an excellent price for both new teachers (who might be or become pregnant or who do not have enough time invested in STRS to get retirement benefits) and veteran teachers (who are more likely to have pre-existing conditions that would prevent them from being approved in another plan as an individual).

If we get 220 members to sign up, everyone will be accepted into the program WITH NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS QUESTIONAIRRE.

OEA, as an organization, does not receive anything from Standard to promote this campaign. It is a valuable MEMBER BENEFIT that we urge all to learn about and consider.

Go to the Web Page to find out more.

Or read the flyer.