Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Messsage fro OEA President Trish Gorham


Will your resolutions for 2014 include ones that will strengthen your professional standing, earn you the professional respect you deserve, give you the materials and support to accomplish your professional goals, and compensate you at your professional worth (or at least closer to it)? In Unity there is Strength. Your actions last year DID make the District take notice and DID help your Bargaining Team achieve most of their strategic goals. And your resolutions should include continuing and increasing involvement in OEA activities to further those goals.

We will end 2013 with a reminder to OUSD Administration and School Board Directors that we will hold them accountable for promises made to our members and to the community. What do you think OUSD needs to be reminded of? Come and tell your resolutions for them.

In Solidarity,
Trish Gorham, President
Oakland Education Association