Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Tentative Agreement" reached on 5/16/13 between HBIC and OUSD on Health Care

What Now, HBIC?

In a 4 (SEIU, AFSME, UAOS, Building Trades) to 1 (OEA) vote, the Health Benefits Improvement Committee accepted OUSD's Last, Best, and Final Offer. Click here to read.

No Tentative Agreement is binding until it is voted on and ratified by the membership. The OEA Executive Board has not scheduled a vote yet.

Members need to understand what is being offered and who is being asked to shoulder the financial burden in this proposal.

The following document will help you better understand HBIC and the proposal.

5/8/13 Bargaining Update on HBIC.

We are consulting with a State Mediator from the Public Employees Relations Board and CTA Legal to determine all of our options and obligations