Monday, May 20, 2013

Step Up on May 22, 2013


If you have not opened the email sent Sunday evening, you are
not sufficiently informed about what has happened in negotiations. Please read it.

District Stalls on Compensation

Your OEA Bargaining Team needs more than their voices at the table. They need, at this critical time of negotiations, to have the voices of the membership supporting them.

Visibly. Loudly. And in multitudes. This Wednesday. 5:30-7:00.

No Class Size Limits for Special Ed

I don't have to tell you the struggles of your Special Ed sisters and brothers. You see their ever increasing case loads, increasingly needy students, decreasing level of support. Please honor their efforts as they present their issues to the Board.

Visibly. Loudly. And in multitudes. 2nd Ave. and E. 10th St.

Adult Education May Be Eliminated

It was the recommendation of the Superintendent as recently as May 8. Students, parents, and teachers will come on May 22 to stand up for this vital service to our city, especially our immigrant community. Join them.

Visibly. Loudly. And in multitudes. For as long as you are able.
OEA members have always been there for their students, their community, and for each other. And even as we feel as if we can barely make it to the holiday weekend, this Wednesday I ask that you be there for all, once again. For as long as you can. But...

Visibly. Loudly. And in multitudes.

In Solidarity,

Trish Gorham

Oakland Education Association