Monday, February 28, 2011

Executive board motions on Brown budget, tax extensions:

NBI #2 from 2/-6-11: I move that consistent with the position taken by the March 2nd coalition statewide—and OEA’s position taken unanimously by the Executive Board on February 2—the OEA opposes Jerry Brown’s proposed budget and regressive tax extensions. Brown’s proposal pits different social services and different parts of the education community against one another, and even were the regressive tax extensions to pass, there would still be $12.5 billion in cuts. We call instead for taking the revenues necessary to provide full social and educational services from corporate and bank profits, and from taxes on millionaires and billionaires, and that this is the message the OEA brings to Sacramento on March 2. (Mandel/Gordon) MOTION PASSES 8-6. (In Favor: Neat, Airgood, Kappner, R. Brown, Mandel, Gordon, De Leeuw, K. Brown. Opposed: Olson-Jones, Lopez, Thomas, Green, Swensen, Apaydin. Members Not Present: Elmore. Not present in room: Ellis.)

2.     At the February 28 Executive Board meeting, a motion was made to reconsider NBI #2 of 2-16-01. It passed. In its place, NBI # 1 was moved: I move that the basic themes for the OEA’s mobilization to Sacramento be: (1) Opposition to cuts in education, pre-K to college, and in social services, (2) the need for progressive means of taxation to fully fund education and social services. (De Leeuw/Apaydin) MOTION PASSES 10-0-3. (In favor: Olson-Jones, Lopez, Thomas, Neat, R. Brown, Gordon, De Leeuw, Apaydin, K. Brown, Elmore. Abstaining: Airgood, Kappner, Mandel. Members not present: Green, Swensen, Ellis)
a.     Airgood, Kappner, and Mandel abstain with the comment that they do not disagree with contents of motion, but rather with its intent to replace the more strongly worded 02-16-2011 EBoard NBI # 2