Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OEA Executive Board Moves to Support Wisconsin Workers

At our recent Executive Board meeting we moved to:

1.  (1) condemn the recent actions taken by the governor of Wisconsin against collective bargaining rights, public education, and public services; and  
      (2) recommend to the crisis committee that they approve a $500 donation from the OEA crisis fund to the appropriate and corresponding fund of the Wisconsin teachers' union. (Neat/Brown) MOTION PASSES UNANIMOUSLY.  

2.  Express our support and admiration for the workers of Wisconsin for their courageous and massive fight against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposed elimination of collective bargaining for Wisconsin public worker unions. We urge NEA and AFL-CIO to provide material support as well as organize mass publicity and support rallies. (Mandel/Gordon) MOTION PASSES UNANIMOUSLY.

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