Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Will Your Site Have a Voice?

Copy OEA endorsed candidates to your Facebook picture until the election!

To win a contract or election against money power takes people power. We have examples from all over the country that extraordinary people power wins over extraordinary money power, every time. But not in the absence of an extra-ordinary effort by the people.

That is why I am asking you, who have already given much, to step up a little more this month. It is not the minimum you are willing that will lead us to victory, but the maximum you are able.

Let your OEA Rep know what you are willing to do. Can you do 2?

Make sure you have an ELECTED Rep attend the Rep Council at Bret Harte on 10/6 at 4:00. Without a form, they will not be able to vote on the OEA's position on Measure N. Forms have been sent several times, but even a statement signed by two witnesses will be accepted.

Read last week's mailing for arguments in Support, Neutral, or Opposed to N. Make sure your Site Rep is clear on your position.

Thank you for all you do for Oakland's children.