Friday, August 10, 2012

Letter to OEA Site Reps

TO:    OEA Site Representatives and Alternates
FROM:    Steve Neat, OEA First Vice-President
DATE:    August 10, 2010

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Every, nurse, speech therapist, school psychologist, counselor, and teacher in Oakland goes into the new school year looking forward to helping their students succeed. We all want to see the children work together, work hard, and get excited about learning.

We all put our heart and soul—and a lot of extra hours—into making this happen. This is why we should have contractually protected rights as we advocate for our students, their families, and our colleagues. This is why we and our students should be provided with the supports that will ensure success, like guaranteed class size and caseload limits. This is why we should all be fairly compensated for our hard work and for our commitment to Oakland’s children.

And this is why I thank you for your previous service to the members and encourage your continued commitment to provide the information and support to the members at your site that maximizes their knowledge and involvement.

As we continue with this new round of bargaining, your OEA Bargaining Team (all full-time educators) is dedicated to securing the best agreement possible for our students and for OEA members. But they cannot do it alone! We will get precisely the contract we demand. It will be through your support to members that we will achieve a contract that will give our students the support they need and our members the dignity and compensation they earn every day.

As your OEA 1st Vice President, helping achieve this OEA goal will be my primary focus.  And I will work to provide you the training opportunities, information, and support you need to support your work.

I look forward to a challenging and rewarding year as we create a stronger OEA together.
Please bring your Rep Election Form to Aug 23 or Sept 10 Rep Council.
Start collecting ticket money for the evening with Jonathan Kozol co-hosted by OEA (see  announcement). Tickets will be available at the OEA Center and at the August 23 Rep Council.