Thursday, November 10, 2011


Oakland Education Association
November 10, 2011

Are you being asked to bubble in Scantron forms? Read this!

OEA filed a class action grievance with OUSD in April, 2008 around the issue of K-3 bubbling in test scores on Scantron forms. We're hearing reports from many of you that administrators seem to have forgotten the resolution of that grievance, so here it is. In short - come up with a plan so you aren't wasting precious time on this exercise! Be sure to show it to your administrator if you are asked to spend your very limited time bubbling in student answers on forms:

Resolution of grievance:

1) Develop in consultation with the site administrator, Building Rep and/or Faculty Council Member (per Article a specific plan for each school whereby classroom teachers are not required to complete all of the transferring of answers to Scantron forms.

2) Where teachers may still be required to complete some of the Scantron forms, ensure in writing that teacher time allocated to this task and others required by the site administrator are within the five hours per month indicated in Article 10.2.8, or otherwise compensated per that same Article. Specifically, although Article 10.2.8 provides for five hours per month of additional professional duties, two of those five hours are to be set aside by the Employer "for use throughout the school year as appropriate for parent-student-teacher contact."

Betty Olson-Jones
Oakland Education Association