Monday, March 7, 2011

California budget disaster!

Update!  From the March 7th Rep Council Meeting

After a report on the Executive Board's vote February 28 to reconsider their original motion (to oppose Brown's budget and tax extensions), we voted overwhelmingly to uphold their substitute motion:
"I move that the basic themes for the OEA's mobilization to Sacramento be: 
(1) opposition to cuts in educaiton, pre-K to college, and in social services, 
(2) the need for progressive means of taxation to fully fund education and social services."
This was followed by another overwhelming vote in favor of the following motion:
"I move that OEA Rep Council:
1. States that all current budget proposals are inadequate
2. Opposes the Brown's budget cuts to education and social services
3. Takes the position of "let the voters decide" on the proposed tax extensions
4. Postpones a decision on the merits of any tax extension initiative until the April 4 Rep Council, after it is known whether or not there will be a special election and Reps have had discussions with their members."